Let us repair your computer and get it running like new again.
We have the expertise to remove viruses without re-installing your operating system. We remove the viruses safely and get your computer back to its health. Data is not removed during this service.We fix the causes of slowness, blue screens, error messages, internet problems, crashing, not booting and more. We remove viruses and malware. And also improve your computer's speed and performance.
 About 90% of our Computer Services are completed in 24 hours. Please note that some computers may take longer due to the specific needs of your computer during the repair. We do not return computers unless we are satisfied they are running perfectly. We appreciate your understanding.

Why to build your own computer?

A computer you build yourself is cheaper and better in every way because it's designed to your needs!

But this is not the reason we build them!

We build computers because they are faster more reliable more efficient!

easy to upgrade!

easy to fix when there is a problem!

and fully mobile!

All you need to do is let us know what you use computer for and we will do the rest for unbeatable prices !!